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Plus Size Vintage Lingerie

…We do our best to provide as wide a range of both styles and sizes as is possible. It’s often very difficult to find plus-size vintage lingerie pieces – this isn’t helped by the lack of consistency in sizing, and in what constitutes “Plus Size.” We encourage all of our clients to look at every piece that interests them and see if the measurements are within the range that fits comfortably – but we also understand that this involves lots of time, effort, and too often heartbreak. We have created this space to house our currently-available (as up-to-date as is possible) pieces that fall vaguely within the range of “Plus Size” being a modern CAD Size XL and up. Please do double-check the measurements against your own as the best way to determine fit. (We also make sure that all pieces sizes XL and up in our Etsy shop include “VOLUP” in the listing title and/or tags – so a search of our listings for “volup” should turn up everything as well! XO)

Click on the image to see the full listing in our Etsy shop. XO

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